Search our commercial building envelope fastening solutions below for your fasteners for commercial building wrap, continuous insulation, stucco, EIFS, masonry / foundation weatherproofing, lath, brick cavity wall, and mineral wool.

Thermal Grip® ci prong Washer
Labor Saving washer used along with Grip-Deck® Screws to attach rigid insulation. Pre-spotting prongs allow for easy "on-the-wall" screw assembly
Grip-Lok® MW Plate
Attaches mineral wool to all substrates including wood, steel, or concrete.
Grip-Deck TubeSeal™
Thermal-Grip FastCap™
Thermal-Grip® Masonry Veneer Anchor
Plasti Grip® PBLP2 Prong Washer
Labor Saving 2" diameter washer for attaching EPS foam in EIFS / Stucco applications. Pre-spotting prongs allow for easy "on-the-wall" screw assembly.
Plasti-Grip® PMF Anchor
Solid plastic fastener attaches insulation to concrete or CMU block in masonry or foundation weatherproofing applications
Plasti Grip® ci Prong Washer
1 3/4" diameter labor saving washer used to attach insulation to wood, steel or concrete susbtrates. Pre-spotting prongs allow for easy "on-the-wall" screw assembly
Grip Plate® Lath & Plaster Washer
1 1/4" diameter Galvalume coated steel washer used to attach lath in stucco applications. For labor savings, use with Grip-Lok® Autofeed fastening System.
Grip-Deck® Self Drilling Screw
Ceramic Coated for corrosion resistance. Attach insulation to heavy gauge steel studs with lengths from 1 5/8" - 6". Available in collated up to 3".
Grip-Lok® Hurricane Washer
3" diameter washer used to attach Mineral Wool. Can Span the joints between sheets to lessen number of fasteners required.
Plasti Grip® CBW Washer
1 3/4" washer primarily used in commercial building wrap applications.
Thermal-Grip® Impaling Fastener
Thermal-Break technoligy allow this Impaling fastener to attach gypsum sheathing while securing mineral wool. Can be installed over or under air barrier and the washer provides a thermal break between screw and nail.
Thermal-Grip® Brick Tie Washer
Labor Saving washer used along with Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System to attach rigid insulation in brick cavity wall applications. Pre-spotting prongs allow for easy "on-the-wall" assembly
Grip-Plate® Tab Washer
1 1/4" diameter washer used to attach lath and foam tile backer board.
Plasti-Grip® III Washer
1 3/4" diameter plastic washer used to attach continuous rigid insulation.
Thermal-Grip® Flat Washer
2" diameter solid cap washer used to attach commercial building wrap.
Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System
Fastener used to attach rigid insulation while securing brick veneer in a brick cavity wall application
SIP Screw
Screws to attach Structurally insulated panels. Available in HP, TP and LD.
Grip-Deck® Hi-Lo Screw
Used to attach insulation to wood or light gauge steel studs. Avialable in bulk from 1 5/8" - 6" or collated up to 3".
Grip-Deck® Concrete Screw
Used to attach insulation to concrete substrates.
Grip Lok® Autofeed Fastening System
Labor Saving Insulation Attachment tool for use with Grip-Deck® ci screws and Thermal-Grip® ci prong Washers and Grip-Plate® lath and plaster washers
EZ Driver Chuck Adaptor
Labor saving insulation attachment tool for use with Grip-Deck® ci screws
Centerfire Insulation Blade
Labor saving insulation cutting tool for use with XPS and Polyiso foam
Centerfire Straight Blade Kit
Labor saving Insulation cutting tool used for clean cuts through XPS and polyiso insulation
Labor saving insulation tool used for making precise clean cuts to mineral wool insulation using the CenterFire Foam Blade
Insulation Track System
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