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Washers to attach Mineral Wool

Grip-Lok® Hurricane Washer

3" diameter washer for attaching mineral wool.

Thermal-Grip® Impaling Fastener

2" diameter plastic washer used for attaching mineral wool and continuous rigid insulation (ci). Energy efficient impaling pin.

Plasti-Grip® PMF Anchor

For use when attaching mineral wool to concrete / masonry substrates.

Thermal-Grip® ci Prong Washer

2" diameter plastic washer used for attaching mineral wool.

Grip-Lok® MW Plate

Versatile mineral wool attachment solution, securing mineral wool to any substrate including wood, metal, or concrete.

Grip-Deck TubeSeal™

Helps seal blind fastener penetrations of your WRB and air-barrier.



Screws to attach Mineral Wool


Grip-Deck® Self-drilling Screws

Use with steel stud substrates.

Grip-Deck® HiLo Screws

Use with wood and light gauge metal substrates.

Grip-Deck® Concrete Screw

Use with masonry and concrete substrates.

SIP Screws

Epoxy E-coating for corrosion resistance.

SIP TP - Thread point for wood & timber applications. 

SIP LD - Light duty drill point for corrugated steel deck & steel studs (16-20 ga.).

SIP HD - Heavy duty drill point for structural steel (12 gauge or heavier).



Tools to attach Mineral Wool


Grip-Lok® Autofeed Fastening System

The Grip-Lok® Autofeed System allows for rapid attachment of insulation to steel or wood studs by quickly mating the Bullseye® adaptor to the head of our washers.

EZ Driver Chuck Adaptor

Fits any standard drill chuck. Holds screw straight to prevent wobbling when drilling into studs.

CenterFire Straight Blade

7" straight blade used to quickly and efficiently cut rigid foam. Use with polyiso, XPS, EPS, and mineral wool.


Use with 7" straight blade to quickly and efficiently cut mineral wool.

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