PBLP2 Prong Washer

2” dia. plastic washer used with screws for PB (polymer based) EIFS systems. Low profile design with recessed hole encapsulates screw head to reduce thermal bridging. Keyholes grab on to base coat finish. Patented prong feature allows for pre-spotting for easy "on-the-wall" screw assembly. (No hand assembly required.)

Use with Grip-Deck® screws to attach EPS or XPS foam in polymer based (PB) EIFS systems. System manufacturer approved. 

*Patented and/or Patent Pending

  • 2″ dia. washer with keyholes for basecoat bonding

  • Thermal-break design; screw head is recessed from basecoat

  • Prong enables on-the-wall screw assembly

  • No hand assembly of screw is required

  • Recommended for use with Grip-Deck® screws

  • Also available without prong

  • Made in USA

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