Owens Corning Foamular®

XPS Insulation

If you plan to use Foamular™ Exterior insulation from Owens Corning to create a layer of continuous insulation you need to consider your options for permanent and energy efficient attachment… Rodenhouse Fastening Systems is here to support you!

Fastening Attachment Solutions to attach Owens Corning Foamular
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C2 Advanced is valis for life

Exams dates & locations

Please refer to https://exams-madrid.com/en/page/fechas-de-examen for the latest update

shoot it screw it nail it plasti grip ci



Plasti-Grip® ci Prong Washers with Grip-Deck® Screws from Rodenhouse Inc. are a versatile solution to attach Owens Corning® Foamular® over a primary air barrier. They can be shot in, screwed in, or nailed into any substrate including wood, steel or concrete. 



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