The Tube-Seal accessory from Rodenhouse Inc. is designed to help seal blind fastener penetrations of your WRB and air-barrier when mechanically attaching continuous insulation.  Mineral wool and rigid foam insulation must be mechanically attached, and often over a WRB or air-barrier.  With the addition of the Tube-Seal to your screw you enable sealing on the facer of the WRB or air-barrier sandwiched between the substrate and the backside of the insulation. 

  • Tube-seal helps seal blind fastener penetrations of a WRB or air-barrier.

  • Tube penetrates through the insulation and then compresses on the surface of the WRB/Air barrier AND on the underside of the washer effectively creating a seal against air and moisture penetration.

  • Inside diameter designed to fit #8 and #10 dia. Grip-Deck screws.

  • Tube available in multiple lengths for insulation nominal thicknesses of:      1”, 1.5” , 2 ” , 2.5” , 3” , 3.5” , 4” , 5” , 6”

  • UV resistant ether-based polyurethane construction is suitable for all weather climates

  • Available pre-assembled with Rodenhouse screws/washers, or as an accessory to be assembled on the jobsite.

  • Patented and/or patent pending.

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