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Continuous Rigid
Continuous Rigid Insulation being applied direct to steel suds
Mineral Wool
Mineral Wool Attachment over building wrap and gysum sheathing into steel studs using Rodenhouse Fasteners.
Gypsum Sheathing 
Gypsum Sheathing shown applied direct to steel studs
Building Wrap
Building Wrap attachment over gypsm sheathing into steel studs.
Brick Cavity Wall
Brick Cavity Wall Continuous Rigid Insulation into steel studs using Rodenhouse Fasteners.
Tilt-Wall / Masonry
Continuous Rigid insulation attachment to Concrete, Masonry Block Substrate. Foundation Weatherproofing.
EIFS / Stucco attachment methods using Rodenhouse Fasteners. Grip-Plate®, Plasti-Grip®, Grip-Lok®.
EIFS / Stucco attachment methods using Rodenhouse Fasteners. Grip-Plate®, Plasti-Grip®, Grip-Lok®.


Robert Rodenhouse, President and Founder of Rodenhouse Inc., is a graduate of Western Michigan University (WMU) with a B.S. degree in Aeronautical Engineering; served as a pilot in the US Army and completed a tour in Vietnam, flying reconnaissance and forward air control (FAC) missions in South East Asia.

Bob became National Accounts Sales manager for a Michigan based fastener company. During those 15 years he developed business concepts and industry models that helped launch many successful products. One of the many great inventions Bob innovated and developed was the “Plastic Cap” Nail, a fastener used for securing felt roofing and foam board insulation sheathing.

Bob founded Rodenhouse Inc. in 1993 which manufactures innovative fastening systems for exterior building envelopes and facades. Our first focus was rigid foam insulation fasteners found in EIFS or one coat polymer modified stucco systems. Other fasteners include washers for wire & stucco lath attachments, foam core tile backer board, and plaster repair. In the early beginnings, Bob worked long hours and “wore all hats” including stamping out washers on single-out presses and making local deliveries. Now Rodenhouse Inc. has a competent staff of employees, multiple cavity stamping presses, and state of the art injection molding machines to keep up with ever increasing demand.

In August 2017, Altenloh, Brinck, and Co. US Inc. acquired Rodenhouse Inc. as strategic way for both companies to grow their fastener portfolio.  ABC U.S. has long manufactured fasteners for the DIY market, through their SPAX brand, and roofing fasteners through their TRUFAST brand.  With the acquisition of Rodenhouse Inc., the company now has a fastener portfolio for the entire building envelope!

Recently implemented energy codes have changed the insulation requirements for virtually all new construction. With those changes, Rodenhouse Inc. has partnered with leading foam insulation, building wrap, and air/moisture barrier manufacturers and has developed fasteners and tools to rapidly install the material. Thermal-Grip® ci and brick-tie washers are the latest development which have been tested, recommended, and approved to attach these products. The E-Z Driver chuck adaptor and the BullsEye® attachment for auto-feed screw guns are also a contractor’s choice to efficiently and rapidly install the fasteners.

Check out our demonstration videos that showcase our various fasteners and tools. Please contact us for the distributor that serves your area or register your job for quick analysis of your fastener needs. We are proud to be “Made in America” and we thank you for your support.


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“Dow has tested this system, and the contractor really loves that benefit because it saves them time and money on the installation. This project is being dried in well ahead of schedule due to the benefits of the THERMAX™ (ci) Exterior Insulation Wall System going directly against the steel studs and the combination of the Rodenhouse Thermal-Grip® washer.” 

—  Steve Dawson, Building Envelope Specialist with Dow Building Solutions

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